Bed and Breakfast New Delhi

Bed and Breakfast New Delhi

bed and breakfast is generally known as a private home where a guest is provided a place to stay for the night. In some cases, the bathroom provided for the guest is shared with the family or another guest — although the majority of guests now expect (or demand) a private bathroom (usually en suite, or “in the room”). Breakfast is usually included with the price of the room.

A bed and breakfast provided in a private home is sometimes referred to as a homestay.

In addition to converted private residences, some establishments are considered bed and breakfast inns. The same concepts of “room and breakfast” apply. The major difference is that an inn has more rooms available than the usual one to four found in a private home. Inns often provide meals in addition to breakfast, as well as other services not always provided in a private home.

These two terms are used in the industry to distinguish the difference between a stay in a private home and an inn. But remember, no two homes or inns are alike. They vary even within the same geographic area. These differences are part of what attracts people to stay at a B&B home or inn and are a significant part of their popularity. Each one has its own personality.

Generally, a B&B is not the reason for a guest to visit an area, but in some cases B&Bs have done such a masterful marketing job that this has changed. People read articles in a variety of publications and sometimes are attracted by a bed and breakfast and plan to visit the area specifically to stay at that B&B.

Travelers usually are attracted by recreational, cultural or historic sites, or by business they have in a particular area. Business travelers, especially women, sometimes seek out bed and breakfast accommodations as an alternative to the typical lodge, motel or hotel facility available in an area. B&Bs provide the traveler with a different lodging experience as well as what many consider a safer environment.

A Brief History of Bed and Breakfasts

The bed and breakfast concept has existed in one form or another since the beginning of man. Monasteries served as bed and breakfasts for travelers, and in some cases still do.

Bed and breakfasts have been very popular with the traveling public in Europe for years. It was in England, Scotland and Ireland that the term “B&B” first came into use. Tourists will see B&B signs in many windows there. The term “bed and breakfast” is not used in many other countries. Terms such as paradors, pensions, gasthaus, minskukus, shukukos and pousados are used to describe what Americans and English-speaking Europeans think of as a bed and breakfast.

The United States also has a history of bed and breakfasts dating back to the time of early settlers. As the pioneers traveled the trails and roads across this county, they sought a safe refuge in homes, inns and taverns. In fact, some of those historic accommodations now serve as B&Bs.

During the Great Depression, many people opened their homes to travelers to bring in some additional money for the family. The term “boarding house” was used at this time. After the Depression, this type of lodging declined and many people had the idea they were just for low-income travelers or drifters. In the early fifties, people may remember the term “tourist home” being used. This too was essentially a form of bed and breakfast. Once motels were built on the new highways, they were soon forgotten.

In large part because of the number of Americans traveling to Europe in recent years and rediscovering B&Bs, there has been an exponential increase in interest in the U.S. Today, the B&B is not viewed as a low-cost lodging facility but as an attractive alternative to the typical standard chain hotel or motel room. Today, some bed and breakfasts offer amenities not unlike those found at the most upscale hotels in the world.

Your Hosts Kamal Ahluwalia and Rupan Ahluwalia at New Delhi Bed and Breakfast invite you for an authentic Indian experience at an inexpensive cost. Experience Home Hospitality at New Delhi Bed & Breakfast. We believe in “Athithi Devo Bhava” we treat our guest as God and their luxury and comfort are our primary concern. Beside, providing bed & breakfast we also provide round the clock security and on time room service with typical authentic and all modern hi-quality creature comforts. You stay in a private residence not in a modern mass produced apartment. Therefore, you stay in a family environment, but maintaining your privacy in this exclusive gated community is our primary concern. We are more personal and more caring than any other traditional B&B or home stay. While staying with us you can experience sharing, caring, warmth and very spiritual environment. Wherever possible, we do things together. Ofcourse! keeping in mind your privacy. Our focus is on your comfort and safety home stay. Our accommodation is well equipped with proper security, gated community, 24 hr guard service and safe walking neighborhood etc. We try to ensure that you have an encompassing, meaningful and positive experience of Delhi and India. The Premium Room in our New Delhi Bed & Breakfast are on the terrace floor is in the true meaning of Indian hospitality and is used as a professional guest house. The idea is to provide the guest with maximum comfort and convenience. The rooms are spacious, well appointed, taste fully furnished; spotlessly clean with marble flooring, air-conditioned and with en-suite bathrooms with western toilets, fully made up beds (double or twin), very comfortablemattresses. To view what exactly we offer, please click on our Picture Gallery. Our motto: Is to give you comfort and joy thorough out your home stay and throughout your journey inside India, so that you can always back in your countrywith good memories. New Delhi Bed & Breakfast appears in the Sawday’s guide and website. Read what Alastair Sawday writes about New Delhi Bed & Breakfast here ” A sample -” One night at this guest house gets you closer to the real India than a month at Delhi’s finest hotel” and this is what our guests have to say about us. Authentic Indian food. Can your travel to India ever be complete without experiencing the authentic Indian food? Absolutely Not! Think, where will you get the authentic culinary experience – at a restaurant or inside an Indian home? At New Delhi Bed and Breakfast, we offer a whole range of authentic Indian food, changing menus. All meals served in the exclusive dining room. You can enjoy the meal with our family members or else with your personal guests. We always keep your privacy. Meal times are generously laced with humor, laughter plus intelligent and witty conversations. Experience Indian food as Indians eat it, joyfully. Great bonding and interesting coincidences have happened at our table. This is an integral part of our Homestay – ‘breaking bread together’ cements the relationship in a way few other things can. The Royal Indian Meal. To further your culinary experience, we have a great feast to showcase and offer you the best of North Indian gourmet food, all exquisitely & independently prepared with the finest ingredients. No restaurants and no hotels ac offer you so much variety on one table. It is only New Delhi Bed and Breakfast that offers you the whole range of exotic Indian food. Minimum 24 hours prior notice is required. Cost: Rs. 1900/- per person. Minimum 2 persons. A little more with food. At New Delhi Bed & Breakfast we take good care of your dine & wine. With authentic Indian and continental food a touch of wine is also there. We make every food and drink according to your mood. Kamal Alluhwalia has been featured on NDTV Channel and Sahara Television for his premium service of Bed & Breakfast in New Delhi. See our guests’ comments. Quote from the TimesOnline website “For those who want to not only taste Indian food, but taste Indian life then this is the holiday for you. A Delhi local offers up their home and kitchen to guests to teach them how to make food eaten in Northern Indian homes every day.” For More See Indian Cooking Holiday India’s Hospitality is full of respect. In India guest is seen as a representative of God. You will experience this everywhere, and hopefully this experience will haunt you for rest of your life. Central Location. New Delhi Bed & Breakfast is located in the most posh corner of the city i.e. Defense Colony. We are near all the historical monuments, tourist places, hospitals, business districts and great markets of Delhi. We are close to Apollo hospital, Moolchand hospital and Safdarjung Hospital, these are the best known hospitals on New Delhi. Shops stocking almost everything are within walking distance. You can easily go for a stroll or for buying cute Indian presents or for window shopping. Public transportation (taxi, bus, scooter rickshaw) is within walking distance and may also be hailed by telephone at any time. Meet Interesting people. The host family at New Delhi Bed and Breakfast can make you meet interesting people suiting your interests plus ensuring that you get a good and safe start for their travel to Delhi and India. At our home, living with host family in India, you will meet local neighborhoods people; have discussions at B&B Delhi from the comfort of your lodgings in Delhi. Delhi-The city Tours. Delhi is considered to be one of the great cities of the world, where you can find the blend of ancient and contemporary living. The city only offers joy and happiness to its visitors. Experience them & then discuss your observations with us. Enjoy Delhi. The place is full of Sufis, Temples, Forts, Ruins, Markets, Culture, Food, Spirituality, Music, Dance etc. … Delhi can be mysterious and welcoming … if you get the right direction. Discover Delhi from our B&B in New Delhi, Bed and Breakfast in Delhi India. ATM There is almost 20 ATM which accepts all cards nearby our B&B home stay and they all are at walking distance. If you wish we can also take you to an official money changer, who gives the best rates. At New Delhi Bed & Breakfast, you stay with an Indian family, as an integral part of our family, an honored guest. 3 generations live together. Our guests keep returning, as they genuinely feel this is their home and from home in India. Staying at the outskirts of Delhi or in a hotel can be impersonal and boring. Consider the option in our home stay. Start your Incredible India tour from New Delhi Bed & Breakfast. Your trip to India will become more exciting and more thrilling. It should not be more than just meeting hotel employees, tour operators, taxi drivers, pushy salespersons and beggars. With us you will experience real India at an Indian home. See what one of our guests said … “We had such a great time here. Your staff made our stay & the city experience memorable. The kitchen & room staff made us feels at home. The overall service was perfect. We look forward to returning again soon.” Women Safety. New Delhi Bed & Breakfast is located in Defense Colony which is the most posh residential area of South Delhi. Therefore, any women will feel very safe and secure here. The area is well equipped with proper security, gated community, 24 hr guard service and Safe walking neighborhood etc. The drivers who pick you up from airport or railway stations, the drivers who take you around Delhi and its nearby areas are known to us, carefully chosen, vetted and approved by us. Pickup from Airport is possible at all hours and strongly recommended for first time visitors and night arrivals as new or first time drivers can have trouble finding our place in one shot as road signs are not adequate. Our driver will go to the airport; he will have a placard with your name and be there to receive you. He will bring you to our home. This is very convenient after a long tiring flight. Yes, our driver will wait even if your flight is late or your baggage has been misplaced. In the rare event, if you do not find our promised driver at the airport, call us as he will surely be there and we will put you two in touch with each other. Call @ 91 9312403153 (India) +91 9350045056 (India) 1-(913)-538-7500 (From USA) From 9.00am to 7.30pm Central Time Zone Delhi, India. New Delhi B&B, Homely accommodation, central to tourist spots, caring and safe, flexi to needs, and amenities, business or families. New Delhi Bed and Breakfast is close to all big locations of Delhi. Our New Delhi B&B is very close to Commonwealth 2010 games site. New Delhi Bed & Breakfast also promotes India Medical Tourism. Our B&B is the right location for it. If you are in Delhi for a medical treatment such as Plastic Surgery in Delhi or Plastic Surgery in Delhi India eye or Dental Tourism India, then this is the place. Conveniently close to Hospitals, Medical Tourism. Many of the Delhi’s best hospitals such as Moolchand Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Safdarjung Hospitals, All India Medical Science Hospital (AIMS) are just 30 minutes drive from our home stay. So which would you prefer after your plastic surgery in Delhi, India? A soulless hotel with a staff with plastic smiles and their hand extended for a tip at each corner? Or a laughing, joyous, caring family attention. Your special diet needs can be well taken care of here in our home stay. “New Delhi Bed and Breakfast” is a registered business and a legal entity with a long history of many years of multiple tax payments to the Govt. While we reserve our right to take any appropriate action to safeguard our identity and business, we request our fellow owners in Delhi to please refrain from using our web text, its layout, identity or similarities to our domain name as they are suitably protected. We wish good luck and success to our fellow owners in their endeavor. All pages Copyright About Delhi. Delhi is one of the world’s most fascinating places for the tourist. The size alone can put you at your wit’s end. Being the capital of India, the city has many things to offer. It can be intimidating, chaotic and mad house to the first timer. But at the same time Delhi is dotted with numerous monuments that still open-heartedly sing the bygone glory. Some inspire awe, some amaze us, and still some make us bow our head to the deities nestling inside. For years, Our place is the oasis. We provide home like environment you can safely land here and then explore Incredible India and of course the city of joy our Delhi. New Delhi Bed & Breakfast is always ready to helps its guests. In our stay you can take all the possible helps and can enjoy your trip with confidence & knowledge. You may begin afraid and overwhelmed but quickly you can go to being peaceful and serene.

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