Game of Thrones S01E02 Review

First off if you haven’t read the GOT pdf as yet then that should be your first action. This GOT episode begins with Daenerys and her counsel preparing for war. A council which Tyron quickly convinces of his strategy is the best. Reek, sorry, Theon and his sister and met in the seas by their uncle’s ambush and swiftly lose their entire fleet to his navy. Yara is taken hostages and THeon senses the situation is hopeless and jumps overboard.

Meanwhile, Arya is reunited with her Direwolf which has grown exponentially and is the second of the remain two Wolves, hers and Jon’s. She is also informed by a friend that Jon is now King of the North and she sets her sights on returning home.

Jon receives a letter from Tyron per his Queens request to summon Jon. Jon then convinces the clans of the North to allow him to go to this meeting in person.
1. Because he trusts Tyrion.
2. because the fire of Dragon can prove lethal against the white walker
3. He needs to mine dragon glass to use as a weapon against the White Walkers

Sansa is left in charge of the North and Petyr Balish tries to make a bold move towards Jon but is quickly stomped upon.

The maesters have decided nothing can be done about Jorah Mormont spreading disease but Samwell Tarly is determined to help Jorah and begins a forbidden procedure.

Meanwhile back at Danaerys Grey Worm and Missandei gets it going on. Game Of Thrones Ep 2 the end! Don’t forget to get the Game of Thrones by George RR Martin PDF online if u ignored my previous warning and read this without reading it.

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